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Consumer Genetics has been offering informative biotech applications directly to consumers since 2006. Its flagship product, a highly accurate DNA gender test, is recognized worldwide. The company has recently bundled its gender testing technologies with a pregnancy test kit, designed for women who are trying to get pregnant and want to know the sex of the unborn child soon after they become pregnant. Recently, Consumer Genetics incorporated a highly sensitive Hair Alcohol Abuse Test (HAT) to its product portfolio. This test determines the amount of alcohol an individual has consumed over a period of time, and is sold on it own or bundled with a Hair Drug Abuse Test (HDT), creating the ultimate test product for substance abuse. The AbuseCheck™ Hair Alcohol Abuse & Drug Abuse Tests are used by corporations, parents or guardians of teenagers, and legal professionals to prove or disprove recent history of alcohol abuse.

Early Gender Test

Now, you can find out if you're having a Boy or a Girl as early as t weeks post-conception during your pregnancy. See our Pink or Blue® Gender Test for more information.

Paternity Test

Paternity is a commonly asked question. Today's technologies provide accuracies of greater than 99%. See more about DNA Paternity Testing.

Hair Alcohol Abuse (HAA) Test

Recent discoveries show that the amount of FAEE found in hair correlates with amount of alcohol consumption over time. Read more: AbuseCheck™ Hair Alcohol Test.

Pregnancy Test with Gender Determination

The Pink or Blue Pregnancy Test w/ Early Gender Kit is used to first test for pregnancy and then designed to be used to determine gender shortly after a positive pregnancy test.

Relationship Test

Today, many people are using DNA to verify biological relationships, such as siblingship, grandparentage, or twin zygosity.

Hair Alcohol Abuse (HAA) Test

Hair drug testing is the most convenient and accurate way to measure historical use of drugs in an individual.  Find out more about AbuseCheck™ Hair Drug Abuse Test.

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