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  Consumer Genetics: Delays and Retests
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About Consumer Genetics Delays and Retests

Our highly skilled scientists work hard to deliver accurate results to our customers in a timely manner. However, despite our best efforts, there are situations that may delay results or prevent us from releasing results to some customers. In some cases, a Retest may be requested. If a sample is determined to require a Retest, the customer will be contacted. In some cases, an additional charge may apply to Retests. If the customer agrees to the Retest, a new sample collection kit will be dispatched as soon as possible and the sample will be treated as Express. If a Retest is offered and refused, the customer is eligible for a partial refund. Please refer to the Refund Policy for more details on requesting a refund. 

The reasons for Delays include:

The reasons for Retests include:

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Reasons for Delays

Missing Information/More Information Needed:

All customers must provide a phone number and/or email address to enable efficient communication with Customer Service. If a customer provides inaccurate information and Pink or Blue needs to contact them regarding the sample, they may experience delays. In some cases, the sample cannot be processed without clarification from the customer. Every effort will be made to get in touch with the customer. However, the processing time will only begin from the day the issue is clarified.

For example: An Express sample is received on Monday. The customer gives an LMP date that shows she is not eligible to take the test. A voice message and/or email are sent to the customer on Monday. The customer responds on Tuesday. It is determined that she incorrectly recorded the date of her LMP, and she is in fact eligible for the Pink or Blue test. The 3-day Express processing period begins on Tuesday, and the results can be expected by Friday.

We ask for the customer's Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date. The LMP is mandatory to confirm eligibility. If we find that the LMP date is inaccurate, unreadable, or otherwise indicates that the customer has provided the sample too early, we will contact the customer.

We will not test samples collected prior to 9 weeks (63 days) after the last menstrual period. Please be very accurate when providing this date. Intentional misrepresentation of the date of the LMP may provide wrong answers and voids our money back guarantee. Please read our terms and conditions. We will not process the sample until the customer provides the necessary and correct information and eligibility is confirmed.

The customer will be contacted if the customer did not sign the Consent section of the Authorization Form. Processing will not begin until written consent is obtained via a correctly signed original or email to

If a customer provides a comment on the authorization form regarding a male being present during sample collection or a special medical condition, the lab may need to contact them to clarify the situation and discuss options. In some cases, a sample cannot be processed without this clarification.

Shipping Delays:

Pink or Blue® and FedEx, our shipping partner, work together to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of collection kits between our customers and the laboratory. Unfortunately, weather, holidays and other unforeseen problems may delay the delivery of sample collection kits to our customers, and the delivery of samples to the laboratory. If a delay occurs, we will do everything possible to rush your result. However, processing each sample is a time and labor intensive process. A result is guaranteed in 3 business days for Express service and 5 business days for Standard service from the day the sample is received by the lab

Reasons for Retests

Technical Difficulties:

As with any business, we rely on our suppliers and equipment to function smoothly in order to process samples in a timely manner. Occasionally, reagents or equipment may fail leading to delays. The customer will receive a $25 refund for every business day the results are delayed. For example, if a result was due Thursday but is disclosed on Friday, the customer will receive $25. Business days are Monday through Friday, not including weekends and standard U.S. holidays.

We are always looking for newer, better, more reliable reagents and equipment to ensure that we are functioning at maximum capacity even if a problem with one component arises. If more sample is needed due to a technical failure, the customer will be offered a Retest at no charge.


Retests are offered to customers who collect a blood sample before they are eligible. To be eligible, a woman must be 9 weeks after the first day of the Last Menstrual Period (which is 7 weeks post-conception). It is very important that the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) is reported accurately to determine eligibility. The calculation to determine eligibility is based on our company's policy and standards. No other method of determining stage of pregnancy is acceptable.

Providing inaccurate information voids our money back guarantee. If a customer is determined to be "Too Early" after the sample arrives in the lab, the sample will not be processed and the customer will be given the option for a Retest. The cost of a new sample collection kit and shipping fees will be charged to the customer. Only one lab fee will be charged since the first sample was not processed.

Poor Sample Quality or Low Amount of Blood Collected:

The DNA collection card is made of a specially formulated paper that makes the transport of blood safe and efficient as long as sterility of the sample can be ensured. A special envelope is provided for the purpose of keeping the DNA collection card clean and dry. If the sample arrives damaged (for example: without the drying envelope, the drying envelope is ripped, or the sample has visible contamination), the sample will not be processed. An option for a Retest kit will be offered to the customer. The cost of a new collection kit and shipping fees will be charged to the customer. Only one lab fee will be charged.

A minimum amount of sample is required for testing. Too little blood can lead to inconclusive results. It is important that the customer fully saturates the 3 circles on the DNA collection card with blood. If inadequate blood is received by the laboratory, as judged by our staff, the customer will be contacted and a Retest will be offered to the customer. The cost of a new collection kit and shipping fees will be charged to the customer. Only one lab fee will be charged.

It is possible for DNA to degrade. An example that would cause degradation of DNA is leaving the sample in high temperature environments (i.e. in your car on a hot day) for several days or weeks prior to mailing the sample. Please mail the sample within 24 hours after collection.

In addition to testing the sample for the presence of fetal Y chromosomal DNA, the lab also determines the total amount of DNA purified from the blood sample. If not enough DNA is retrieved from the sample, the sample is designated as having "Low DNA Yield." No result can be determined for samples with low DNA yield. An option for a Retest kit will be offered to the customer. The cost of a new collection kit and shipping fees will be charged to the customer. Only one lab fee will be charged.

Males Present

It is very important that all instructions are followed correctly after receiving the Early Gender Test kit. Males should not open the kit or handle any kit contents at any time. Bathrooms, sinks, counter surfaces, faucet knobs, and hand towels shared between male and female household members are contaminated with male DNA. Please cover sinks and counters with clean and unused paper towels, or wax paper, or aluminum foil and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before sample collection. Dry hands using only clean paper towels, NOT shared towels. We have several methods to test for contamination, including testing the white portion of the DNA collection card. If any contaminating signal is detected, the sample is "Contaminated". In this case, no result will be disclosed.

If a customer is concerned that the sample may have been contaminated, Customer Service should be contacted immediately. A sample which is potentially contaminated will not be processed. A new collection kit will be sent to the customer and the costs of the kit and shipping will be charged. Only one lab fee will be charged since the first sample was not processed.

Please note that this policy is subject to change without notice. Please check back for the most current version of this document.


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