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DNA Testing for GrandparentageConsumer Genetics provides the DNA Testing Kits to establish the biological relationship between your child and an alleged grandparent. Our tests are accurate whether we have to test using only one grandparent or both. Give your children and their grandparents a chance to build what can be one of the most vital and fulfilling relationships in their lives.

The Grand-parentage test can also be used to prove paternity of a child when the alleged father is not available by testing both grandparents.Our simple collection kit is fast and easy. The individuals collect DNA and send it back to us. In just 5-7 days, you will receive your results in an easy-to-understand format.

Two different types of Grandparent Testing

  • Single Grandparent DNA Analysis: This DNA test includes ONE grandparent, 1 grandchild, and parent (optional, but strongly recommended). The conclusive range for DNA results are either >90% (inclusion) or <15% (exclusion) probabilities. However, results may vary between 1% and 99% accuracy. The DNA test assumes a 50% prior probability of the relationship.
  • Duo Grandparent DNA Analysis: This DNA test includes BOTH grandparents, 1 child, and parent (optional, but strongly recommended). For the most accurate results in a grand-parentage analysis it is best to include both the alleged grandparents and the child. When both alleged grandparents are included the DNA results can indicate greater than 99% (for inclusions) or 0% (for exclusions) probability of the Grand-parentage relationship. DNA test assumes that there is a 50% prior probability of the relationship.
DNA Grandparentage Test
Currently, the test is not available.
Duo Grandparentage DNA Test
Determine grandparentage for grandfather, grandmother and grandchild.
Single Grandparentage DNA Test
Determine Grandparentage for a single grandparent and grandchild.



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