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DNA Testing ServicesConsumer Genetics brings to you genetic information that can be used to assist in making important Lifestyle changes, and predict the type of response you may have to specific Pharmaceuticals.

The products in our Lifestyle category include CaffeineGEN™ and WineGEN™. These Lifestyle products will assist you in making proactive choices to self-managing your well-being by addressing how daily health-related decisions can affect you based on your personal genetic make-up.

Our Pharmaceutical Response products will provide information on your genetic variation which may affect your response to specific drugs. This information can assist you and your medical doctor in providing thee best therapeutic choice for you, improving drug efficacy and safety. The product we currently have available to address Pharmaceutical Response is AsthmaGEN™.

Consumer Genetics also incorporates a Forensic Division. We currently offer Paternity, Siblingship, and Grandparentage Tests for legal and personal use. These DNA tests can be done in the privacy of your home!

Consumer Genetics is in the process of assessing and developing future tests in our Lifestyle, Pharmaceutial Response, and Forensic Divisions. Check our website periodically for new releases and updates on our products and services, or contact us to be placed on our mailing list.



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