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"Pink or BlueŽ,
The Early Gender
Test, is able to
detect fetal sex as
early as six weeks

Press Releases


Consumer Genetics Provides New Service for Early Baby Gender Detection

SUNNYVALE, CA, May 11, 2006 – Consumer Genetics, Inc., a new innovative biotech company in the heart of Silicon Valley began offering its first genetic test service, Pink or Blue®, The Early Gender Test today. The test is able to detect fetal sex as early as six weeks gestation. Based on proven technology, The Pink or Blue® service provides the most accurate and sensitive test results available, at very affordable prices.

Based on the recent discovery that fetal DNA is present in the mother’s bloodstream by the sixth week of pregnancy, the Pink or Blue® test amplifies and detects male specific DNA sequences from the fetus. It is non-invasive and can be done in the privacy of the home. Once ordered, a blood spot collection kit is sent directly to the expectant mother. A few drops of her blood are collected onto a special filter paper from a finger prick and then sent to the lab in Sunnyvale in a prepaid envelope. Results are released to the expectant mother within one day if she ordered the express service, and four days if she ordered the standard service.

“The Pink or Blue® test is based on solid science and cutting edge technology,” said Mr. Timpson, president of the new company. This test is the most sensitive available and is extremely specific. We guarantee absolute quality and confidentiality. If any of the tests results appear questionable, the company will immediately request another test sample or refund the customer. The test is solely for the analysis of gender and not for anything else.”

Mr. Timpson says that the Pink or Blue® gender test is the first of a whole line of genetic tests the company plans to offer. “There is a wealth of information available which is related directly to our lives that the public knows nothing about. Our goal is to bridge this gap and offer tests which take the latest discoveries in human genetics directly to people at home. Our DNA determines not only our gender, but also how we metabolize our food and medicine. We are on the cusp of an entirely new industry of helping people live healthier and longer lives by informing each of their unique genetic makeup,” he added.

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